Crafting integrated IT solutions
that make your business thrive.

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More than consultancy

Thinkers + Makers = Value Creators

For more than 20 years we are developing high quality custom made IT solutions in co-creation with our customers. We don’t just drop in, replay and leave. We empower your team to help you develop products to your customer’s need.

Always agile

We strongly believe in the agile approach,  we help you define and realize your IT challenges into comprehensive and feasable steps, each evaluated in frequent feedback loops. 

Always user-centered

Our mission: offering your users the best user experience, and secure well performing software.

Green Field Co-Creation

You want to launch a new digital product, service, app ? We help you validate your concept, by developing a MVP or POC, and help you evolve it towards a business solutions.


In this fast changing digital world you need to deliver innovative products more rapidly and provide the value that customers expect. To do that, you need a cutting-edge Cloud Hybrid or Cloud Native platform. That’s where our Certified Kubernetes Dev-Ops engineers come in. They help you define and implement your CI/CD approach and ease your kubernetes journey, in a tightly integrated platform.


First we assess your business critical applications, resulting in clear plan, and budget. Then we bring your legacy application into a modern, future prove, user-friendly, scalable and secure cloud native application.

Consulting -
Team As a Service

Extending your team by providing you a experienced consultant, or a well balanced team to help you realise a specific task or project part. Areas we provide consultants in are :

  • Front-end developement
  • Back-end developement
  • Dev-Ops
  • Business Analyses
  • Project Management

Are you starting a new project and you want to discover how we can co-create ?
Or do you want to extend your IT team with additional skills ?

A culture of passion and innovation

Are you a developer with a passion for Java
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A tight-knit team

We strongly believe in the growth of our people, bringing forward their talents and passions.
At Faros, we really invest in your competences, knowlegde and experiences. You’re part of a team, where we share knowledge and experiences, inspire each other, work hard and make fun together.
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