Enterprise Java Consultancy Services

Faros offers Java consultancy services, comprising a wide range of server-side Java technologies. Technologies as Spring, Hibernate, Spring boot, Apache Camel, Vaadin, MongoDB, AngularJS, Maven and related technologies form the backbone of the Faros competencies.

User Interaction Services

Faros has competencies in Java-based user-interaction technologies as composite web applications and portals. We have a special emphasis on the Vaadin UI framework and Javascript frameworks like Angular JS.

Rapid Application Development Services

Faros has great experience in rapid application development, and specializes in Spring ROO and Groovy & Grails. Get your dynamic web sites up and running in a minimum amount of time!

Faros is a leading Java technology company within the Cronos Group and XPlore Group.

Faros's consultants are masters in enterprise Java technology and stay up-to-date with the latest technology waves through frequent education. All Faros' consultants are Oracle Certified Professionals and Spring Core certified or have proven experience with the Spring stack.

Best practices and design patterns are commonly applied, and code is tested, preferably in a test-first and continuous integration setting.

Faros offers junior and senior developers, architects, and functional and technical analysts.

Faros's consultants work in both traditional development environments as well as in agile development environments, and know when and how to apply the right development methodology.

User-centric design and usability principles are applied to come to the best user experience.

Server-side Java applications frequently need to interact with people. A special skill is to optimize the user interaction according to a set of best practices, generally known under the term usability.

In designing and implementing web applications, Faros's consultants employ a user-centric approach to arrive at the best user experience, and employ the most up-to-date UI technologies, such as the Spring and the event-driven Vaadin frameworks.

In addition to stand-alone web applications, Faros has hands-on experience with Portal products. Experience ranges from designing and implementing portlets, to setting up high-availability production environments.

RAD methodology