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Fact: we hire 60% of our interns

Fact: we hire 60% of our interns
Internships at Faros

We won't let you make coffee, cross our hearts!

Our experts are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Internship projects

We value our interns. This means we won't have you make coffee or take photocopies. We make sure your internship is actuallly useful and our experts guide you along the way. Each internship is set up around a specific topic or research question. Examples from the past include:

  • The office of the future (IoT)
  • Advanced UI’s in web environments (augmented reality)
  • Parking mobile application (Uber alternative for finding parking spots)
  • Holiday reporting mobile application
  • Online cash register platform (SaaS)

Apply for an internship

Not a number

There are thirty of us, and everyone here is chosen because of their unique talents, personalities and outlook on work and life.

If you're a student looking to start a career in the tech industries, then we'd also like to hear from you.


"My journey at faros started with my internship and still continues today."

Mark Thoelen


I applied for an internship at Faros because they wanted to do an IoT project. Because my dad's a farmer, I had the idea of creating an IoT solution for automatic field irrigation. Faros was very supportive and gave me the opportunity to develop it. My journey at faros had started and continues until today.