Project Loom : A First Impression

Loom was announced at Spring One, May 25th, 2022. Our colleague Sander has been experimenting with Project Loom and shares his first experiences . Loom is a newer project in the Java/JVM ecosystem (hosted by OpenJDK) that attempts to address limitations in the traditional concurrency model. In particular, Loom offers a lighter alternative to threads along with new language constructs for managing them.

Get ready for CKA exam: share experiences

In a previous article we already shared our experience with CKAD, in this article we share our experiences on the CKA exam.

When it comes to both the CKAD and the CKA exams two things are essential. Knowing the core concepts of Kubernetes and how to use the `kubectl`command line tool. Without understanding the core concepts, you’ll lack the mental framework to do well during the exam. Without knowing the correct  kubectl tricks using imperative commands, you’ll likely be too slow to finish all of your questions.