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Take a head start

Take a head start
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Official Pivotal Spring trainings

From introduction to expert: we got just the right Spring training for you!

Core Spring training (4 days)

This course explores the Spring Framework and its core features. We'll look at these features from both a pragmatic hands-on view, as well as a theoretical level to get a good insight on Spring's internals. On completion, participants will have a great foundation for creating enterprise-ready applications with topics like:

  • Configuration
  • Data access
  • Web and REST applications
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Security 
  • Spring Cloud (microservices)

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Faros = Spring competence center

As a Spring competence center, Faros has several Spring Experts providing the official Spring trainings, including certification!


Completion of this training entitles students to receive one free Spring Professional certification exam attempt.

Knowledge/experience sharing

Invaluable knowledge/experience sharing from our expert trainers, but also from each other.


Other Spring trainings

Does the Core Spring training no longer hold any secrets for you? Then you’re definitely going to enjoy our expert Spring trainings:

  • Spring Boot Developer Training
  • Spring Cloud Developer Training
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow Developer Training
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer Training
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operator Training

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Basic understanding of Spring and/or completion of the Core Spring training

Our Spring teachers love to share their experience with you! Are you interested in gaining deeper Spring knowledge for your enterprise applications, then these trainings are just the thing you need.

More info about these trainings? Or want a custom Spring training?

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