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Think of us as more of a technological partner than a resource.

Think of us as more of a technological partner than a resource.
Our services

The right technologies for the job

We collaborate with you, our customer, to create memorable experiences using our proven methodology.

Software development

With a passion for quality, we limit the risks & maximize customer value for your IT project:

  • Customer applications
  • Application-integration and middleware
  • Internet of Things 
  • User eXperience and Innovation 
  • Responsive frontend design 
  • Testing & User Adoption

We strongly believe in joint partnerships and an agile approach, providing you frequent feedback loops.

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Future proof IT solution

The digital transformation presents us with lots of challenges. A rapidly changing environment and business requirements. We at Faros like to stay ahead of the facts and think proactively with our customers, offering them a future proof IT solution

Full stack

Our team consists over 30 IT developers and architects, proving their strength in a full stack approach from frontend to backend/integration solutions.


IT Consultancy

The Java ecosystem is our preferred development habitat. Are you looking for temporary manpower and expertise in Java? Let's get together, as Al Green would sing.

Our consultants are trained and certified in several aspects of the Java world;

  • Java Enterprise
  • Spring / boot / cloud
  • Javascript frameworks
  • SQL / NoSQL
  • Frontend : Angular, React, Vaadin
  • Microservices architecture
  • Build, ship & run : docker, PaaS, …
  • Functional / reactive programming 
  • Reactive: NodeJS, Vert.x, RxJava
  • & more
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Thirtyone of our full stack development experts ensure the necessary stability and craftsmanship for each project.


It's all about choosing the right architecture & technologies for the job at hand. With over 15 years of enterprise application development we know our way in the technology landscape. Our experts give independent advice, choosing the right technologies and making your platform future proof.


Audits & Trainings

Faros has multiple certified Spring trainers, and is the only company in Belgium to do so!
Besides Spring trainings in Belgium and abroad, we audit your existing Spring projects.
All of the Faros developers are Core Spring certified. We have a lot of relevant hands-on experience and master the do's and don'ts in Spring projects. 


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Spring trainings

Faros has certified trainers on Core Spring, Spring Web and Enterprise Spring.

Spring audits

If you need a second opinion on your Spring project, don't hesitate to call us!

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Our process

Always agile, always user-centered

We strongly believe in joint partnerships, providing you frequent feedback loops. We’re proactive people with a passion for quality, limiting risks & maximizing customer value.