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Faros simplifies rehabilitation monitoring with AI

Faros developed an app that simplifies the monitoring of a patient’s rehabilitation process. The patient no longer needs to keep an overview of his activities manually. An app that is based on artificial intelligence does that automatically.


During the rehabilitation process - for example after an accident or an operation - the doctor needs an overview of the patient’s activity. Traditionally, this overview is registrered manually on paper, as the patient writes down the nature and duration of the activity, such as walking or riding a bicycle. This manual process, however, is not entirely accurate.

Faros developed an app that recognizes the nature of the activity and accurately records its duration. The app then shares that information with the doctor or other health care providers. All the patient has to do is remember to have his smartphone in his pocket.

The app uses data from the smartphone’s accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope. A solution based on artificial intelligence recognizes the activity and converts the data into usable information.

The patient no longer needs to register the activity manually and docters get more accurate readings from the device.



Our solution

Faros built an app that provides automatic, accurate registration of the activity that is carried out.

  • Android Studio
  • Sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope
  • Random Forest (algorithm)