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De Watergroep

CAR (Central Addresses Register)

CAR (Central Addresses Register)


De Watergroep” is an independent Flemish water supply company that provides products and services in the entire water cycle. Addresses are very crucial for the operations of The Watergroep, and are therefore considered as a part of their critical master data. They choose Faros for the analysis, development and maintenance of their CAR (Central Addresses Register).


The address plays a central role in the data system of government. In fact, more than 80% of all the data which is now stored in databases, contains an address. Basically, these addresses should be easily interchangeable and comparable between applications and organizations. However, in many cases this turns out to be a utopia. Each organization and every application has its own interpretation of "an address". As a result, the data linkage was too often error prone. In 2009, the Flemish Government has issued a decree on the “Centraal Referentie AdressenBestand” (CRAB - central referencefile of addresses ). This decree obliges the authorities and organizations working for the government to use the CRAB as authentic geographical data source for addresses. “De Watergroep” then decided to develop the CAR application and was certainly one of the first organizations to use the CRAB also as a reference for their addresses. CAR is integrated via Web services with CRAB and will daily collect the details of all entities and process them. However, CAR goes beyond CRAB and will detect and register certain administrative operations on addresses that are not reported as such by CRAB. In addition, the administrator can always ad hoc start synchronizations between CAR and CRAB. The changes to CAR are forwarded to the applications within “De Watergroep” so that all applications use the same, up-to-date data.